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International Summer School (Medieval and Early Modern Studies): Foreigners and the Social Body of the Republic of Venice


13-18 septembre 2022


Prof. Nicolas Bock, UNIL

Prof. Ana Marinkovich, Université de Zagreb



Prof. Nicolas Bock, UNIL Prof. Ana Marinkovich, Université de Zagreb

prof Gianmario Guidarelli (UniPd)

Dr. Petar Strunje (IUAV)

prof. Stefano Riccioni (UniVe)

prof. Michele Tomasi, UNIL




Our perception is constantly changing. While 19th century Art History still placed the main emphasis on isolated objects and on the artist as a heroic figure, nowadays, at the latest after the recent spatial turn, the integration of artworks into a larger spatial context has since become the subject of current scientific interest. Space, however, is difficult to teach in the classroom, but must be experienced to be analyzed. This course, however, does not aim at dealing only with geographic and urbanistic issues, but rather intends to question of how foreign and local identity manifest themselves within the urban and social space. This implies not only foreigners as patrons but also the use of foreign artists - often proudly claiming their origin in their signatures - within a defined local context. With their largely preserved urbanistic and artistic heritage, Venice and Padua offer an extraordinary ground for exploring various possibilities for analysis.







Tuesday, September 13th 2022






Wednesday, September 14th 2022


morning: Ghetto & the Synagogues (Gianmario Guidarelli)


afternoon: S. Bartolomeo dei Tedeschi, Fondaco dei Tedeschi (Gianmario Guidarelli, Petar Strunje)




Thursday, September 15th 2022


morning: S. Giorgio degli Schiavoni, S. Maria e S. Gallo degli Albanesi, S. Giorgio dei Greci (Ana Marinković)


afternoon: S. Lazzaro degli Armeni (Stefano Riccioni TBC, Tamsin Prideau TBC)




Friday, September 16th 2022


morning: Lazzaretto Vecchio and Nuovo, Lido, Jewish cemetery (Petar Strunje)


afternoon: Fondaco dei Turchi (old and new), Rialto market (Petar Strunje, Tamsin Prideau)


- Transfer to Padova




Saturday, September 17th 2022


Padova: (Michele Tomasi, Nicolas Bock)


9h00 Capp. Scrovegni


10h00 Erimitani


11h30 Battistero + Museo Diocesano




15h00 – 18h00 Sant'Antonio




Sunday, September 18th 2022











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